यूएसबी सिलिकॉन ipad के लिए हाथ पकड़ आकार फुटबॉल स्पीकर पोर्टेबल ध्वनि

$9.80 - $14.80 / Piece | 60 Piece/Pieces अनुकूलित से अधिक 2000 pcs (min. Order)
रिपोर्ट संदिग्ध गतिविधि
त्वरित विवरण
ब्रांड नाम:
संगीत एन्जिल
मॉडल संख्या:
कंप्यूटर, मोबाइल फोन, पोर्टेबल ऑडियो प्लेयर, दिल के आकार का स्पीकर
विशेष सुविधा:
मिनी, पोर्टेबल, वायरलेस
उत्पत्ति के प्लेस:
Guangdong, China
Chritamas उपहार, जन्मदिन का उपहार, वेलेंटाइन दिवस उपहार, आदि
पीवीसी + ईवा
का समर्थन संगीत प्रारूप:
MP3/WAV/अर्थोपाय अग्रिम
ऑडियो इंटरफ़ेस:
3.5mm ऑडियो इंटरफ़ेस
बैटरी प्रकार:
में निर्मित लिथियम बैटरी 600 mAh
सीई ROHS एफसीसी
काले, नारंगी, नीले, सफेद
आवृत्ति प्रतिक्रिया:
ब्लूटूथ संस्करण:
आपूर्ति की क्षमता
आपूर्ति की क्षमता:
2000 Piece/Pieces per Day portable music mini speaker
Packaging & Delivery
सामान पैक करने का कार्य का विवरण
सबसे एक्रिलिक क्रिस्टल बॉक्स के साथ पैक किया जाता है, लग रहा है और अधिक सुंदर और अपने महान पर प्रकाश डाला गया; परमवीर चक्र के साथ आंशिक सामान्य पैकेज है; अन्य आंशिक रंग बॉक्स के साथ पैक किया जाता है अगर अन्य पैकेज की जरूरत है, विवरण में हम बातचीत कर सकते हैं.
लीड समय: :
Shipped in 5 days after payment

Usb silicon hand grip Football shape speaker for ipad portable sound


Application of Football Bluetooth Speaker :

1. Souvenir of world cup fans gifts speaker.

2. Listening to beautiful music When doing outdoor sports.

3. Prenatal education music for your baby.

4. Elders of your family can practice TaiChi or Kungfu by using the speaker.


Parameter Football Bluetooth Speaker :



JH-ZQBT Football Bluetooth Speaker

Basic Functions

Play music and make phone calls via bluetooth


45mm full range rare-earth speaker with bass vibration film

Sound Channel


Frequency Response



≥80dB (Except Charging Condition)

Charging Port

Micro USB

Rated Voltage

DC-5V charge

Rated Power


Power Supply

Built-in 600mA Lithium Battery


Black,Orange,Blue,White (customizable over 2000 pieces)





Net Weight


Gross Weight



85*85*106mm PVC box

Per Carton

60 pieces15kgs/cartom

Packing List

1*Music Angel mini speaker; 1*USB cable ; 1*manual


Product Description




 Product Name Baseball speaker Basketball speaker Football speaker Tennis speaker
 DimensionØ72mm  Ø72mmØ72mm Ø72mm 
 Net Weight 162g138g  162g162g 
 Package Size 85*85*106mm85*85*106mm 85*85*106mm 85*85*106mm 
 Battery Capacity600mAh 600mAh 600mAh 600mAh 
 MaterialPU leather  PU leather + ABSPVC+EVA Silica gel 
Basic Functions     
 TF card playingYES NO NO YES 
Hangs free callingNOYESYESNO


Packaging & Shipping

Our regular package:
1. Crystal box
2. Color box
3. PVC box
PS: Package can be customizable.



Our Services

1. We can accept T/T, Western Union and PayPal. If you want other payment terms, please let us know before when you order.
2. Full payment must be made within 7 days after placing your order, or the order will be invalid or canceled by the system.
3. Make sure that you have completed all the detailed information like contact person, address, post code and telephone number when placing the order.

What we can do:
1. All of our products have proceeded aging test before shipping and we guarantee to use our products safety.
2. Support imprint your logo on products.
3. OEM/ODM orders are warmly welcome!

Warranty and return:
1. All products and accessories have been tested by 3 times before ship out.
2. All products have 1 year warranty. If there is no man-made problem, we will replace or repair for you.
3. We own the best after-sale service. If any problems happen, our team will do our best to solve for our customers.


Company Information


         Founded in 1999,Shenzhen JunJiaHao Technology Co.,Ltd engaged in R&D and Sales of Mini Speakers over years. We have approxiate 300 staffs and well-equiped facility, leading technology lead to the annual sales more than 4 million units, the products are most welcome in China, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions.


          Main products Series: Ball shape speaker, Bluetooth Speaker, Digital Speaker, Computer Speaker, Mobile Speaker and SD/TF Card Speaker, IPhone Speaker etc.

          Major partners: China Mobile, China Unicom, SAMSUNG, Gionee Company, The 26th World University Games, World Garden Expo in XIAN, Li Yang Crazy English, Singing Love, Etc.


          With the unremitting pursuit of products and quality, We have won the Great Honors Such as "Chinese Famous Brand", "Leading Enterprise of Quality", "High-Tech Enterprise", "Audio Industry Top Ten Brand" . Obtained good reputation and phraise over the global compatriots and community.


          At present ,we have dozens of product patents, whats more , we also sucessfully applied for the "MUSIC ANGEL " trademark in nearly 50 countries around the world, Passed standard Product certification testing and received CCC,CE,ROHS,FCC Certifications Etc.


          Hope We could be Trust-worthy Partners!!!



Music angel brand story:

      Our brand are popular all over the world, and was registered in more than 50 countries, including Norway, Finland, Austria etc. the people in which are gifted with extraordinary music literacy, especially in Norway 1 million people out of 4.75 million are using our speakers which means about one out of four owns our products.  

      Our products have been well received as promotion presents for global well-known brand company.

      Our customers include the top two telecom companies in China, many famous mobile phone companies, and the Organizing Committee of great Expo and Games which proves our high standard products and service.



Q1: Can I print our logo on the items? Can I customize the colors and finish type?
A: Yes, all appearances are customizable.

Q2: I like the design but want to change the solution, is it possible?
A: Yes we can do that.

Q3: I like the solution/audio but want my own design, is it possible?
A: Yes, we specialize in customized designs for our customers, we can even do new designs for you and give you concepts within a week time.

Q4: Can I customized the box packaging?
A: Yes. There is a stock fee for quantities under 2000pcs and free of charge above 2000pcs (based on carton or blister type packaging).

Q5: I want samples with my own logo, is it possible?
A: Yes it is possible. A small charge may apply depending on requirements.

Q6: How long is the sample time? And the payment term?
A: Samples will be shiped in 5 days normally, OEM samples will be 7-10 days. You can pay sample fee via Paypal ,Westerm Union or T/T.

Q7: Are you factory or trading company? And how many stuff do you own?
A: We are factory which have at least 10 years experience of manufacturing speaker in Shenzhen. We have 100-200 stuff in factory.

If you have any question ,plsease feel free to contact me !


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