स्टेनलेस स्टील उच्च दबाव homogenizer कीमत

$4,350.00 - $5,200.00 / Set | 1 Set/Sets साबुन के लिए 5 लीटर छोटे homogenizer मशीन मिश्रण (min. Order)
रिपोर्ट संदिग्ध गतिविधि
त्वरित विवरण
मॉडल संख्या:
मैक्स। लदान क्षमता:
मिक्सर प्रकार:
उत्पाद प्रकार:
अतिरिक्त क्षमताओं:
उत्पत्ति के प्लेस:
Jiangsu, China
ब्रांड नाम:
380 V
आयाम (एल * डब्ल्यू * एच):
सीई आईएसओ
स्टेनलेस स्टील उच्च दबाव homogenizer कीमत
Homogenizing, मिश्रण, पायसीकारी
नियंत्रण प्रकार:
पीएलसी या बटन
खुरचनी सरगर्मी बिजली:
Homogenizer गति:
3300 rpm
सरगर्मी गति:
0-120 rpm
ऑपरेटिंग प्रकार:
मैनुअल उठाने
कॉस्मेटिक भोजन दैनिक रासायनिक फार्मा
बिक्री के बाद सेवा प्रदान की:
विदेशी सेवा मशीनरी के लिए उपलब्ध इंजीनियर्स
1 साल
पावर (w):
आपूर्ति की क्षमता
आपूर्ति की क्षमता:
30 Set/Sets per Week 5 litre small homogenizer machine for soap mixing
Packaging & Delivery
सामान पैक करने का कार्य का विवरण
लकड़ी के मामले आमतौर पर, हम भी अन्य पैकेजिंग के रूप में ग्राहक की आवश्यकता है।
लीड समय: :
15 days
Product Description

Stainless steel high pressure homogenizer price


Introduction of ZJR high pressure homogenizer price

ZJR high pressure homogenizer price is the featured product of Nuoya machinery Company.This series uses the principle of emulsifying with oil phase and water phase to achieve high quality emulsion effect.
Vacuum Homogenizer machine is non-standard designed and manufactured according to customer’s production processing.
It fits the standard of GMP and suitable for making cream, ointment,paste and so on.

ZJR-5L emulsifying homogenizer mixer is used for small scale production,especially for lab use.

Features of ZJR high pressure homogenizer price

1. includes oil pot,water pot,emulsifying pot and control cabinet
2. jacket heating system,electric or steam
3. made of high quality stainless steel304/316L
4. button or PLC control
5. discharging by dumping or outflow from bottom valve
6. manual lifting or as customized
7. high efficiency homogeneous and emulsifying function
8. vacuum condition to make bubbles sucked out from material
9. easy operation and long working life
10. as customized
For more models or details not listed,please contact me directly.

Technical parameters of ZJR high pressure homogenizer price


Emulsifying PotWorking capacity (L)5
Scraper stirring power(kw)0.18
Scraper stirring speed (rpm)0-120
Homogenizer power (kw)0.55
Homogenizer speed (rpm)0-3300
Water potWorking capacity (L)2.5
Scraper stirring power(kw)0.015
Scraper stirring speed (rpm)0-1000
Oil potWorking capacity (L)2.5
Scraper stirring power(kw)0.015
Scraper stirring speed (rpm)0-1000
DimensionOverall L*W*H (mm)800*550*1430



Application scope of ZJR

Daily chemical and cosmetic:

baby cream, shaving cream, shampoo, toothpaste, cold cream, facial cream, face cleanser, detergent, toothpaste,etc

Pharmacy industry:

syrup, nutrient solution, proprietary Chinese medicine, paste reagent, biological agents, cod liver oil, pollen, royal jelly, vaccine, all kinds of ointment, all kinds of injection, oral liquid, disinfectants, antibiotics, microcapsules and static drops, etc


Chili sauce, sesame seed, fruit tea, ice cream, cream, jam, fruit juice, soybean, bean paste, red bean milk, peanut milk, protein, soy milk, dairy products, malted milk, essence, spices, all kinds of food and beverage, etc.


Paint, pigment, dyestuff, paint, grease, diesel oil, lubricating oil, synthetic ester, petroleum catalyst, emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt, paraffin, adhesive, detergent, plastic, powder, glass reinforced plastics, synthetic leather, resin, plastic, leather and emulsion explosive, etc

Construction industry:

various coatings.Including internal wall paint, anti-corrosion and waterproof coating, cold porcelain coating, colorful coating, ceramic glaze, nano coating and spraying etc.

Papermaking industry:

pulp, adhesive, rosin emulsification, papermaking auxiliaries, resin emulsification, etc.

Pesticide industry:

fungicide, seed coat, herbicide, pesticide emulsion, chemical fertilizer, biochemical pesticide, biological pesticide, etc.

Other industries:

textile industry, coal flotation agent, rare earth, nanometer materials dispersion, reaction extraction and military industry.

Detailed Images

Structure of ZJR high pressure homogenizer price


1. oil pot and water pot

2. control cabinet(data display)

3.  pulley for portable movement

4.  homogenizer

5.  emulsifying pot


Tips:manual lifting and button control



Homogenizer and stirrer of ZJR high pressure homogenizer price


1. Two directions mixing

2. Wall scrapping cleanly 

3. Frequency control

4. Homogenizer made of SUS304/316L

5. Mixing process checked by sight glass 
on the pot cover


Manufacture craft of ZJR high pressure homogenizer price

1. ZJR uses high quality stainless steel,valves and component parts.

2. ZJR is produced by well-experienced technicians.

3. ZJR has good performance by fine mirror polishing.

Operation process of ZJR high pressure homogenizer price

Materials are stirred and heated in oil pot and water pot.
Then materials flow into emulsifying pot for mixing.
Mixing system includes homogenizer and frame wall scraper.
Mixing process can be seen by sight glass on emulsifying pot cover.In the pot has a light.
The products can be discharged by tilting the pot body after manual lifting the pot cover.


Packaging of ZJR high pressure homogenizer price


Pictures of ZJR high pressure homogenizer price



Service of ZJR high pressure homogenizer price

One set machine.

Replacement parts.

Manual book and demo video.
One year warranty.

Company Information

Wuxi Nuoya Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Nuoya was established in 2002,and has a 15 years history. The location is in Wuxi City,about 145 kilometers far away from Shanghai.

Compared with the similar products home and abroad, we have won clients’ trust by stronger price advantage, perfect product’s quality and excellent after-service.

The products are successfully exported to Africa, America, southeast Asia markets.


Our Services


Packaging & Shipping



Q1.Why choose us?
More than 15 years history of manufacturing machine.

Well experienced professional technical team.
Products as customized.
Price advantage with high quality and excellent service.

Q2.What’s your main products?
Vacuum emulsifying machine,homogenizer,cream making machine.

Mixing machine,high speed dispersing machine,double planetary mixer.
Mixing tank,storage tank,reaction tank.
Filling machine and sealing machine,plastic hose filling sealing machine,packing and racking machine.
Colloid mill machine,crusher,grinding machine and other mixers.

Sanitary automatic rotor pump,transfer pump,emulsifying pump.

Q3.What about components are broken?
The warranty is one year.

If it is in warranty,we will send you a new one for free to replace right after we confirm the reason by EMS,DHL or TNT.
If it is out of warranty,the new components will be charged.


Q4.How to get contacted directly?


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