लाल nonwoven एसपीपी चेहरे नकाब earloop के साथ बैंड पार्टी फेस मास्क

$0.065 - $0.12 / Piece | 100000 Piece/Pieces (min. Order)
लीड समय::
मात्रा(Pieces) 1 - 200000 >200000
अनुमानित समय (दिन) 20 मोलभाव करने योग्य
रिपोर्ट संदिग्ध गतिविधि
त्वरित विवरण
चिकित्सा सामग्री और सामान
उत्पत्ति के प्लेस:
Hubei, China
ब्रांड नाम:
मॉडल संख्या:
साधन वर्गीकरण:
कक्षा मैं
ड्रेसिंग और देखभाल के लिए सामग्री
लाल nonwoven एसपीपी चेहरे नकाब earloop के साथ बैंड पार्टी फेस मास्क
सफेद, हल्का नीला, हल्के हरे रंग
SBPP, एसएमएस, टीएनटी
18 + 20 + 25g, 18 + 18 + 18g
17.5x9.5 cm
प्लाई प्रकार:
1ply, 2ply, 3 प्लाई, 4ply
Earloop या पर टाई के साथ
प्रमाण पत्र:
सीई, ISO13485
आपूर्ति की क्षमता
आपूर्ति की क्षमता:
500000 Piece/Pieces per Week
Packaging & Delivery
सामान पैक करने का कार्य का विवरण
50 pcs/बॉक्स, 1000 pcs/गत्ते का डिब्बा या 50 pcs/बॉक्स, 2000 pcs/ctn
लीड समय: :
मात्रा(Pieces) 1 - 200000 >200000
अनुमानित समय (दिन) 20 मोल भाव करने के लिए

Red nonwoven SPP face mask with earloop band party face masks


20+20+25g/m2 nonwoven face mask,green medical face mask,earloop face mask surgical disposable
* Disposable nonwoven: available in many colors, you pick up the color
* Soft and convenient.
* Preventing from bacteria and dust.
Product Type
nonwoven face mask
SBPP nonwoven,SMS,TNT
White,Light Blue,Light Green purple, grey,red
Gram weight
20+20+25g 18+20+20g 18+18 +18g
disposable and breathable
Ply type
1ply, 2ply, 3ply, 4ply
with earloop/tie on
17.5 x 9.5cm
Available in different weight,colour,size and packing as requested;Customer`s samples and specifications are always welcome.

Xiantao Topmed Nonwoven Protective Products Co., Ltd is a professional manufactory in disposable protective
products which established in 1997. The company located in the famous city Wuhan, hubei province.

With over 15 years rich experience . We win a good reputation around the world. Since we make products in high quality with factory price ,Meanwhile we committed to provide top sincere service. We have passed ISO13485 and CE ,FDA. Each year we attend the exhibition of Germany Medica, Dubai Arab Health. Now our production capability is over
20X40HQ containers per month.

Our mainly products are disposable Bouffant cap, Clip cap, Face mask, Coverall, Overalls, Lab coat, Jacket pants ,Isolation gown, Patient gown, Surgical gown, Scrub suit. Bed sheet /roll, Bed cover ,Pillow case, Briefs, Pants, Boxer or Tanga, Kimono, Cutting cape for salon, Shoe cover, Sleeve cover ,Apron.

Suitable in Medica, Industrial, Spa.

We are always keep on our "Quality First" policy.So all of our products are produced under strictly control system to ensure reach customer satisfaction.

Welcome to know more about our company and visit our factory anytime. Its our great pleasure to be your strong supplier and bring the excellent products to you. We are always ready to service for you .

TOPMED who is your best trustful choice!


Other Products We Sell:
1. Cap:
1.1. Bouffant cap
1.2. Doctor cap:(surgical cap with tie/surgical cap with elastic)
1.3. Strip cap
1.4. Space cap
1.5. Peak cap
1.6. Round cap with fringe
1.7. Shower cap(PE)
2. Body wear:
2.1. PP/CPE Isolation gown :(With Knitted cuff/Elastic cuff)
2.2. Surgical gown:(Sterile/Non-sterile)
2.3. Lab coat:(PP/SMS)
2.4. Coverall: (PP/SMS/PP+PE)
2.5. Scrub suit:(PP/SMS)
2.6. Sauna suit:(PP/SMS)
2.7. Patient gown
2.8. Pants:(Man/Woman)
2.9. Brief:(Man/Woman)
3. Shoe cover/Boot Cover:
3.1. Non-woven shoe cover/boot cover
3.2. Non-shid shoe cover/boot cover
3.3. PE shoe cover/boot cover
3.4. CPE shoe cover/boot cover
4. Face mask:
4.1. Face mask with ear loops:(1ply/2ply/3ply/4ply)
4.2. Face mask with ties:(1ply/2ply/3ply/4ply)
4.3. Active carbon face mask:(3ply/4ply)
4.4. Face mask with eye shield:(3ply/4ply)
4.5. Dust mask:(120g/140g/160g/180g)
4.6. Paper mask:(1ply/2ply)
5. Other Main Products:
5.1. Gloves( HDPE/LDPE/CPE/TPE)
5.2. Apron:(Non-woven apron/PE apron)
5.3. Sleeve cover:(Non-woven sleeve cover/PE sleeve cover)
5.4. Bed cover/Bed Sheet
5.5. PE hair-cut cape
5.6. PE ear cover
5.7. PE raincoat/poncho
5.8. Wipe cloth/surgical dressing
5.9. Pillow case
5.10 Clear face mask
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