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धातु डिजिटल मोटाई गेज सटीकता:
± (1 ~ 3% H ± 3μm)
ऑपरेटिंग तापमान:
-0 करने के लिए 40 °C
डिजिटल मीटर मापने सीमा:
मोटाई गेज संकल्प:
0.1um (0 ~ 99.9um), 1um (ओवर 100um)
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Product Description

 We are the four years gold supplier of alibaba. 









1 Product Introduction

The coating thickness measuring instrument uses a dual function measurement method, it can automatically identify magnetic and non-magnetic substrate, and then use the appropriate test method, it can measure the  thickness of the non-magnetic coating  (such as aluminum, copper, enamel, rubber, paint, etc) on magnetic metal substrates (such as steel, iron , alloy and Hard magnetic steel).And the non-conductive coating thickness on a non-magnetic metal substrate.

The instrument has advantages of high detection accuracy, reliable and easy to maintain, good stability, simple operation, etc. It can be widely used in manufacturing, metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection and testing fields.


Features Introduction:

l  More widely measuring range : 0-1700um

l  Automatic identification substrate material and display it on the LCD

l  Big screen, and a variety of colors back-light optional

l  Button is simple, easy to operate ,one-hand operation

l  Convenient automatic calibration function

l  Automatic correction function to prevent misuse calibration

l  Dynamically adapt to environmental features

l  V shaped groove suitable for measurements on cylindrical parts

l  Special probe structure has better stability

l  Beep when measurement or calibration is completed

l  180 degree flip for easy read data with top surface




PLN-CT2013FN  updated

Automatic temperature calibration version

According to the function it can be divided into the following version:


2 Product Appearance

The top is the LCD, the middle are three buttons, "+" "Menu" "-" ,on the bottom is the sensor.



3 Technical Parameters


Measurement range: 0~1700μm, 0~67.8 mils

Accuracy: ± (2μm +3%H), H-standard coating thickness

Storage temperature: 10℃~60℃

Temperature: 0℃~40℃

Probe: built-in probe

Power supply: 2 x 1.5V(AAA  alkaline)

Body size: 96*50*25mm

Weight: 41g

4 Switching The Instrument ON/OFF

When the device is powered up, it needs to be detected itself automatically, 

so the open method is: using hand to press down the test probe and quickly leave,

then the device shows “222” and a buzzer sound,when the device shows “---” complete automatic detection.


The probe do not close to the metal object when starting.

The buzzer will continue to alarm if the probe keep down after the device start.

The device will be shut down if does not operate within 30s.

5 Handling Instruction

5.1 Switch the display unit

In standby mode, press "+" key to switch between units of um and mil. After switching units, all of the interface will display in the unit except multi-point calibration state.

5.2 Switching display mode

After the standby mode or the measurement, the short press "-" key can be switched between the display and the back display.

5.3 Measurement methods

Place The instrument sensor contacts to the material for tested and pressed, wait 1 to 2 seconds after buzzer short beep sound, the measured data will be displayed on the LCD screen.

If the substrate material is different, the calibration should be carried out first and then measured.

Calibration method reference "standard piece calibration" section.

5.4 Historical Data

In standby mode Press "MENU" button once, you can enter to view the status of the historical data, instrument store up to 20 groups of historical data.

5.4.1 View historical data

After pressing the MENU screen displays "NO 0.", By a short press "+", "-", you can turn on the next turn data, save up to 20 data. "NO. X" indicates the most recent X time measurement data, the X greater  the data older.

5.4.2 Delete the historical data

Delete current data: In View mode, press "+", "-", select the data you want to delete, long press the "+" button.

Delete all: In View mode, long press the "-" button, can delete all the data. After you remove all 20 sets of historical data show non-ferromagnetic 0.0um.

5.4.3 View statistics

Enter the measuring status, continuous short press "MENU" key, can view the historical data in turn of maximum ,minimum value, average value ,then exit of the statistical value status(After boot, if the measurement of data, it is the last time of the measurement, otherwise it is no measurement value of white screen). If you want to directly measure , only need to put the instruments on the surface which you want to measuring ,it will automatically enter measurement status.


Note: the average value, the minimum value of the data is not measured in 0 of the data statistics.

5.5 Switch back-light

In view statistics :Enter the maximum mode (see 4.3.3) (bottom of the screen display MAX), press "+", you can open / close the back-light





Cue Information

9 Cue Information







- - -

Standby state

Measurement /view




The measured value is greater than 1700 um or base material is not FE or NFE





Mean value





Maximum value





Minimum value










Non- Ferrous





Micron (Metric length unit)

Short press K1 can switch




Military (British length unit)

Short press K1 can switch




Calibration state

Calibrate operate




Low battery voltage

Change battery




Misplaced calibration shim

Play the suit shim




On starting

Self-test processing




Number symbol

Short press the “+”/ “-”


10   Key Description



Short press

in Key description

Long press

in Key description

Short press

in Calibrate

Long press

in Calibrate



Switch Unit

Multi- point







Check History Record

standard calibration





Switch Show Direction





Note:The standard calibration is also called single point calibration, some versions do not have this feature.

11 Common Problem





Larger measurement


The deviation maybe caused by the calibration error , or abnormal phenomenon shows FFF, please return to the factory after the re calibration


Battery alarm

When the screen appears battery logo alarm, please replace the battery, otherwise the measurement accuracy will be affected. If you want to save electricity, can turn off the back-light. And remove it ,when you long time no use the device.


Users have their own base material

If the user has its own base material, the best to calibrate with zero calibration firstly then according to the detail desire to do the other thickness calibration operate .


Boot alarm

The buzzer continue alarm, due to the probe need get away from the material object after power on.


Advantage function

6 Restore Factory Setting

Restore factory settings also called initialization. 

In standby mode, continues press "-" key , the instrument will go to restore the factory operation. When the screen shows "000,Fe,NFe,cal" and buzzer ,keep press the key of “-”till for a while and all the character has been displayed on the screen,it means that the restore factory settings operate has been finished. At the same time ,the historical data and the calibration value also has been cleared. 

Note 1:In the whole process, we need keep press the key "-" , if you don’t keep press the key of "-" all the time during the whole process , please to redo the whole process.  And this step of the instructions must be in strict carry out, otherwise unknown error maybe occurs.


Note 2:Please ensure the instrument probe is not touched with any object (the probe dangling).

7 Calibration 

The device with 2 kinds of calibration mode,the two calibration models are very convenient, for different customers according to their own application to choose :

A:The standard calibration mode is provided with 0, 50, 100, 250, 500um calibration shim, it is more easy for new user, only need to choose the corresponding calibration mode and the right calibration shim ,then to do the calibration,it is very  easy and more convenient. 

B:The Multi-point calibration which could according to customer different application of special thickness to do the calibration operate . For example, client has standard thickness of 80um, which different with our standard shims ,then need calibration with multi-calibration mode.

7.1 Standard Calibration

Basic instruction : In the standby mode or measuring mode, long press "MENU" key to enter the film standard calibration status, when the display will show "CAL" logo,(the first screen will show of “0.0 cal ” zero film calibration status), then there have 5 different calibration status ,press "+" or "-" , the five kinds of film calibration status will be display in turn , detail information as below :

0.0 : zero automatic calibration

50 : 50um film automatic calibration 

100: 100 um film automatic calibration 

250 : 250um film automatic calibration 

500: 500um film automatic calibration

Calibration operate : Firstly ,long press “menu” to enter to the film calibration interface, then select the corresponding calibration mode of 0.0/50/100/250/500 ,via short press key “+”/ “-” ,then put the device on the corresponding film, vertically press the device probe on the film ,and the best do 2 or 3 times again, every time of the calibration interval should be keep for several seconds and let the probe a little far from the metal to keep the accuracy. The calibration operation can be repeated until you believe it is meet your desire. 
Exit the calibration : when calibration has complete, short press "MENU" to exit the calibration status ,then it will show us to the measuring status.


It is important that measuring the standard film thickness with corresponding film calibration status . So when you find that you run this instrument calibration status with a mistake and some errors information shows on the display, we recommend to do the restore of factory operate . Such as calibration 50um put the film as 100um, the machine will display E01, buzzer continuous ring alarm, when the sensor been lift and buzzer will stop ringing. 

7.2 Multi-point calibration

When you have a standard shim which different with us, firstly measure the shim on the Fe or NFe substrate, then get the in initial value , then lift the instrument , and long press "+" into the multi-point calibration interface, the screen shows "CAL". At this point, the short press "+" or "-" can adjust the measurement value, and the long press "+" or "-" to speed up the adjustment of 10 times. When adjusted to the standard value of the calibration shims, the calibration is finished, then the short press "MENU" key to exit. You can according to your detail desire to repeat this operate to get more accuracy data.

7.3 Clear calibration data

First enter the Statistics status and enter to “Min” status (see 4.3.3) , continues press "-" key , the instrument will go to independent restore the factory operation. When the screen shows "000,fe,nfe,cal" and buzzer ,then keep press the key "-" for a while till all the character displayed on the screen, it means that the restore factory settings operate has been finished..

8 Attention

  1. 1. Before the measurement, calibration is very important  to keep the gauge in high accuracy status, zero calibration should be carried out when you firstly use the gauge .
  2. 2. If you have the zero substrate of your product, the best do the zero calibration of your own substrate then to measuring the coating thickness .
  3. 3. If you calibration with wrong operate , the best way is restore factory with long press”-”.
  4. 4. When the screen appears battery flag alarm, suggest to replace the battery, otherwise the impact of measurement error, if the instrument will not work for a long time, it is suggested to remove the battery.
  5. 5. If the instrument has some unusual error, take out the battery, and keep for several minutes, then to restore the gauge, it will be recover.
  6. 6. If the shim is too thin (less than 0.5mm), too small (less than 25X25mm), not recommended for measurement, otherwise the data which will not be accuracy.
  7. 7. When do the calibrate and measuring operate, please keep the probe vertically to the metal surface and during the interval ,the best keep the probe far from the metal surface at least over 10 cm to keep the accuracy of the device.
  8. 8. On the edge of the measuring surface or measuring the curvature of the mask, it will affect the accuracy of the measurement.
Packaging & Shipping

5 pcs gauges you received are with sample package. Now there are 2 types of regular package:

(1) 1 complete set of gauge package: 1 pcs gauge, 1 set calibration, 1 instruction, 1 black glasses box.


 (2) 5 complete sets of gauge package: 5 pcs gauge, 5 sets calibration, 5 instructions, 5 black glasses boxes, 1 white carton box whose outside is with the color cover.


Our Services


1. We can accept T/T and western union and Money Order,paypal is just for sample fee.The best way is direcet online payment,you can choose yourself.If you want other payment terms please let us know before when you order.
2. Make sure that you have completed all the detailed information like contact person,address,post code and telphone number when filling in your buyer's information.


Note:DHL/UPS/Fedex Express usually takes about 3-7 working days to the destination,and it's about 5-8 working days by EMS or TMT(except Russia,which will be delay for 15-30 days).HK Post and CN Post or SG Post takes 7-30 days to ship to worldwide.
1. We will send the goods within 3 business days after the full payment has been confirmed.If the payment is not available,your order will be closed automatically.
2. The buyers are responsible for any insurance,problems and damage which caused by shipping service such accidents,delays or other issues.Besides the buyer should to be responsible for any tax and/or duty charged by their country. (If you want to declare the goods as other item name,or specify an value for custom,please inform us when making the order.we could according to your detail desire  for your easy customs clearance and less charge.)

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2 Since your feedback is very important to our business's development,we sincerely invite you to leave positive feedback for us if you are satisfied with our product and service.It'll just take you 1 minute,but this 1 minute has the extemely vital significance to us.

What we can do

1 All of our products have proceeded again test before shipment and we guarantee to use our products safety.
2 Support imprint your logo on products and let your logo shine anywhere.
3 OEM orders are warmly welcome!

Warranty and Return
1. All products and accessories have been tested by 3 times before ship out. And  all products have  1 year warranty. If there is no man-made problem, you can return back the goods for replace a new one , but your side need share the return back delivery cost, and we will share the shipping cost to your side agian

2. We own the best after-sale service.If any problems happen,our team will do our best to solve for customers.

3. All return items must be in its original conditions,including box and accessories.Men made defects are not guaranteed,such as broken,scratched and so on.
4 For any items,please send by DHL,Fedex or your local express or post when send back .

Company Information



1) How the coating thickness gauge shut down?
A: Our coating thickness gauge adopt with automatic shutdown, when you stop using it, it will be shutdown automatic after 30 seconds.

2) What angle should be kept with Coating thickness with the analyte ?
A: The probe must be kept perpendicular to the surface with the measured material, otherwise it will lead to considerable error.

3) How to maintain accuracy of measurement when we need repeatedly measurements ?
A: When we need repeatedly measure, the thickness gauge should be keep the distance more than 3cm away from the analyte and at least keep 2 seconds or more interval .(Attention :Do not drag along the surface to the side of the probe to avoid probe magnetization.it will be impact of next measurement result)

4) When should we to calibrate the Coating thickness ?
A: Our thickness gauge has been calibrated , in most time, we just need to check whether the uncoated substrate is normalized to zero .Usually when the measurement accuracy beyond the precision values ,it need to be calibrated (refer to the instructions precision value range) . Calibration method according to operating instructions.

5) When the Coating thickness display with"" ,What does it mean?

A: It indicates that the battery voltage is low, please replace the battery in the automatic shutdown, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy.

6) How to choose the zero substrate?
A: The thickness of zero substrate should be used as the test material to avoid the permeability of different materials and measurement errors.

7) How to choose the zero substrate surface?
A: Use the gauge should be in the same part of the material being tested after calibrating to zero, and then measuring the same part. If the measuring pipe, bar and other curve surface materials, but the user indeed calibrating to zero with substrate of flats surface , this will affect the accuracy of the measurement. And choose the calibrating zero surface should be more smooth.

8) Coating thickness gauge has been calibrated, why also the measurement also not accurately?

A: The coating thickness calibration could not choose the substrate random ,firstly calibrating to zero based on the same test material of substrate which without coating , then put the calibration sheet in the top to calibrate, so that could get reliable measurement data. Remember: Be sure to use the same shape, the same material, the same roughness zeroing calibration substrate.

9) Why the different coating thickness measured data is not the same?
A: Due to different coating thickness gauge calibrated with different substrate before use . For consistency, we should make them in the same uncoated substrate to do the zero calibration, and then put the calibration sheet in the top to calibrate, so different coating thickness measurement data will be keep consistent.

10) When should we to replace to Standard film ?
A: The coating thickness calibration depends on the calibration sheet, so it is very important that keep the calibration sheet in good condition. If the calibration sheet has been used for many years and not in a good condition, please replace it . Otherwise, the measurement data will be inaccurate.

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