प्रबुद्ध 3D मिनी इलेक्ट्रिक प्लास्टिक एक्रिलिक अभिलेख के लिए संकेत विज्ञापन

$2.00 - $49.00 / Set | 1 Set/Sets 3d एक्रिलिक अभिलेख विज्ञापन (min. Order)
लीड समय::
मात्रा(Sets) 1 - 3 >3
अनुमानित समय (दिन) 9 मोलभाव करने योग्य
Customized logo (Min. Order: 1 Sets)
Customized packaging (Min. Order: 1 Sets)


Graphic customization (Min. Order: 1 Sets) कम
रिपोर्ट संदिग्ध गतिविधि
त्वरित विवरण
उत्पत्ति के प्लेस:
Henan, China
ब्रांड नाम:
मॉडल संख्या:
Frontlit, Mini9
3d एक्रिलिक अभिलेख विज्ञापन
3D पत्र संकेत फ़ॉन्ट:
एरियल, Antipasto प्रो, टाइम्स न्यू रोमन... आदि
3D पत्र संकेत रंग:
सफेद, लाल, हरे, नीले... आदि
3D अभिलेख मोटाई:
प्रकाश स्रोत:
उच्च गुणवत्ता एलईडी मॉड्यूल
काम वोल्टेज:
डीसी 12 V, हम भी आपूर्ति कर सकते हैं बिजली ट्रांसफार्मर.
प्रमाण पत्र:
सीई, ROHS
घर के अंदर या आउटडोर के रूप में आप की तरह
आपूर्ति की क्षमता
आपूर्ति की क्षमता:
10000 Set/Sets per Month
Packaging & Delivery
सामान पैक करने का कार्य का विवरण
बाहरी पैकेज गत्ता बॉक्स या लकड़ी के बक्से हो जाएगा, भीतरी पैकेज के साथ पर्याप्त cystosepiment और बुलबुला, के दौरान सुरक्षा सुनिश्चित करने के लिए शिपिंग है।
चित्र का उदाहरण:
लीड समय: :
मात्रा(Sets) 1 - 3 >3
अनुमानित समय (दिन) 9 मोल भाव करने के लिए
वीडियो का विवरण

Illuminated 3D MINI Electric Plastic Acrylic  Lettering Signs for Advertising

Product Description

Free design for our customers ! We have what you need. We can design,produce, install all kinds of signage including large projects.


Acrylic mini channel letter is new style led signs, can be widely used in enterprise reception area, shopping mall, high-end leisure facilities, mobile phone stores, property management office and so on.

1. Mini LED Channel Letter consists of 3 parts: surface panel, back panel and LED illuminant. Surface panel is made of HIGH POLYMER ACRYLIC, from which a back groove with a 3d slope

on the surface is cut out with engraving machines.


2. LED illuminant is fitted inside the groove of acrylic surface panel.


3. A Mini LED Channel Letter is completed with a laser cut acrylic back panel sealing the surface panel groove.


4. Usually the slopes of the surface panel are painted to form a face-halo-lit effect.


About Sample.

- Existing samples: free of charge. Sampling time: 3-5 days. 

- Customized samples: charging according to the cost; returning after placing orders. Sampling time: 2 weeks.


    1. Use the 15-20MM solid acrylic 3D laser cutting the shape for the front side

    2. Use the PVC at the bottom in order to non-lumious from back.

    3. Install the small LED modules (color as you request)

    4. Use the glue water to connect the front frame and the bottom case(it will be the seal)

    5. Paint the side for not split the light, color as your request

    6. With the 12V CE transformer, low energy, low profile signs

    7. With the 1:1 installation paper

    8. Safe package: bubble inside and the accept export three-ply wooden case outside

Product Description
 More LED Porducts


Packaging & Shipping


 plastic film - air bubble film - cystosepiment - cardboard box or wooden box


 1. Items will be shipped in 7-10 working days after receiving payment.
 2. Tracking NO. will be sent to you once we get it.
 3. Delivery time: 3-5 working days by UPS/DHL/TNT/FEDEX, 5-7 working days by EMS, 7-25 working days by  China Post Air Mail. 

Our Services

Henan Luck Trading Company., Ltd is a professional signage manufacturer with 8 years of all kinds of sign making experience.Through past years, we have made countless signages according to our clients’ requirement for both  personal use and big projects. 3D metal logo, 3Dresin sign, full-body lighted acrylic signage, 3Dplastic face  illuminated light box, 3D stainless steel metal lit letter signage…all of these signages are very popular and  loved deeply by our clients.

 Nowadays, most of them are our return clients. New comers are joining us as  well.

 We offer excellent quality at a competitive price, while maintaining the highest standard of customer  service.

 We have our own designer team, technicists and skill workers.

 We can design, produce, and install all kinds of signage including large projects.

How to quote and order custom-made signs?

Step 1: send us the vector diagram of your original design in PDF, EPS, AI or CDR form. If you don't have a design yet, PLS tell us the font, the color etc, we will make a design for you.

Step 2: tell us the size ( height or length ), and we will measure it like the one below.

Step 3: discuss details with you and choose a suitable style for your sign.

Step 4: count exact price and offer it to you soon after realizing all details from you.

Step 5: reach the deal and finishe the payment.

( Paypal, Western Union or Trade Assurance Order on Alibaba or as you like )

Step 6: begin to customize the sign for you ASAP.

Step 7: package and delivery, we will offer 1:1 installation payper and best quality transformer for you.

Wire Diagram:



Q1: What is the warranty of your products? 

A1: The Warranty for our sign is 2 years.

Q2: What is working temperature?

A2:  Working a wide temperature from -40 °C to 80 °C.

Q3: Can you manufacture custom shapes, designs and letters?

A3Yes, We can make the shapes, designs, logos and letters that customer need.

Q4: How to get the price for my product?

A4: You can send the details of your design to our email or contact our online trade manager

A4:.All of the above prices are calculated by the widest point; if the length and width exceeds 1meter, then they will be calculated by square meter

Q5: I don’t have the drawing, can you design it for me?

A5: Yes, we can design it for you according to your effect you want it to be

Q6: What is the lead-time for average order? What is the shipping time?

A6: The lead-time for average order is 3-5 days. And 3-5 days by express ; 5-6 days by Air press.;25-35 days by Sea.

Q7: Will the sign suit for the local voltage?

A7: Please rest assure, the transformer will be provided then.

Q8: How do I get my sign installed?

A8: The 1:1 installation paper would be sent with your product.

Q9: What kind of packing you are using?

A9: Bubble inside and three-ply wooden case outside

Q10: My sign will be used in outdoor, are they waterproof?

A10: All the material we used are antirust and led inside the sign are waterproof.

Contact Us

Ella Han

Whatsapp/wechat: +86 15713809669

Skype: ella96691

E-mail: sales(a)cnluckyledsign.com

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