उच्च गुणवत्ता Skd61 काजू गेट आवेषण के लिए इंजेक्शन ढालना

$1.55 - $5.69 / Piece | 1 Piece/Pieces (min. Order)
लीड समय::
मात्रा(Pieces) 1 - 20 >20
अनुमानित समय (दिन) 5 मोलभाव करने योग्य
Customized logo (Min. Order: 50 Pieces)
Customized packaging (Min. Order: 50 Pieces)


Graphic customization (Min. Order: 50 Pieces) कम
$25.00 /Piece | 1 Piece (min. Order) | नमूने खरीदें
रिपोर्ट संदिग्ध गतिविधि
त्वरित विवरण
उत्पत्ति के प्लेस:
Guangdong, China
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मॉडल संख्या:
आकार देने मोड:
सीएनसी मशीनिंग
उत्पाद सामग्री:
सटीक मोल्ड काजू गेट आवेषण
58-60 एचआरसी
उत्पाद फ़ीचर:
मानक घटक में Wmould
उत्पादन समय:
अपने आदेश मात्रा पर आधारित
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आपूर्ति की क्षमता
आपूर्ति की क्षमता:
30000 Piece/Pieces per Day Quality and packaging guaranteed
Packaging & Delivery
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Shenzhen, HongKong, Guangzhou,Shanghai
लीड समय: :
मात्रा(Pieces) 1 - 20 >20
अनुमानित समय (दिन) 5 मोल भाव करने के लिए
Product Description

SGS FDA approved factory price wholesale SKD61 Z512 DIN injection mould sprue bush nozzle features is as following:

1. 100% SKD61 steel material. Model number: ZZ511. Unit: DIN metric standard.

2. Standard: DIN metric standard. Product feature: standard component in Wmould.

3. Hardness: 58-60HRC.

4. This product is with awesome wear resistant and corrosion resistant characters, long usage lifespan and high temperature resistance.

5. With perfect tolerance and can be excellently fitted with the plastic mould when correctly install and function.


The important features of SKD61 material:

   SKD61 has good toughness and anti-high-temperature-fatigue performance can withstand temperature cataclysm, suitable for long-term work at high temperatures and with good cutting performance and polishing performance. SKD61 through electric furnace smelting and after electroslag remelting, steel texture is more pure, better toughness. It is suitable for making aluminum, zinc, copper alloy extrusion die mould, die casting mold, hot forging die mould, and hot shear blade and other small size of bright steel (peeling, cold pull) material, it is the ideal material for making ejector pins and ejector sleeves. SKD61 is also suitable for the manufacture of high-yield plastic mold. Nitriding treatment can make the mold surface to get a good hardened layer structure, for extrusion molds to improve wear resistance, corrosion resistance, the effect is very significant. For die-casting mold nitriding treatment can be significantly improved the surface corrosion resistance, and conducive to rapid demoulding products.

   SKD61 is with beautiful metal luster, SKD61 series of products: SKD61 thimble/ejector pin, SKD61 guide pillar, SKD61 guide sleeve, SKD61 red needle, SKD61 floating bars and other precision high temperature parts.

   SKD61 is a kind of medium carbon high chrome alloy tool steel, after heat treatment has a high hardness and wear resistance, and has strong hardenability, good dimensional stability feature, suitable for making high precision long life cold mold and thermosetting Molding plastic mold. Commonly use for making ejector sleeves.


SGS FDA approved factory price wholesale SKD61 Z512 DIN injection mould sprue bush nozzle specification is as following:


SGS FDA approved factory price wholesale SKD61 Z512 DIN injection mould sprue bush nozzle

Material and design:

100% SKD61 steel material. Standard: JIS metric standard. Product feature: standard component in Wmould. Unit: JIS metric standard. Non-standard mould accessories and other mechanism components of project are highly welcome for us.


Custom logos can be added.

Size and Thickness :

Please check the following detailed pictures.


Metal color or other colors that you desired.


Normally: each item in foam bag or bubble bag, then put into carton box or wooden case, also we can do the packaging according to your requirements.

Shipment ways:

DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, Sea shipping, Air shipping.

Delivery Time:

3~15 Days, based on your order’s quantities and requirements.


MOQ is one piece.

Inspection standard:

SGS&RoHS and so on.

Payment terms:

Usually T/T, Western Union, Paypal (30% deposit,70% balance before shipment). This is negotiable.

Trade terms:

FOB Shenzhen or other ways.

SGS FDA approved factory price wholesale SKD61 Z512 DIN injection mould sprue bush nozzle

Certificates (we got more than 30 patents)

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging services:

Shipping services:

Ø  Goods ship by air within 1-5 business days for stocked item after receiving the payment.

Ø  Shipping method: DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT, FEDEX door to door service. Or ship via Sea shipping/Air shipping.

Ø  In addition, we can deliver goods by Hong Kong Post or shipment, can be the fastest mode of transportation.

Ø  The project will certainly successful transaction within 24 hours of payment confirmation will be shipped immediately.

Ø  We will NOT be responsible for any delay during delivery including but not limited to customs postage checking, strike, force majeure etc.

Ø  Buyers are responsible for any custom/duty taxes incurred in your country.

Company Information

DaTong(Wmould) Precision Metal : We are the most innovative/professional manufacturer of Plastic Mould Accessories in China.


ShenZhen DaTong Precision Co.,Ltd.  


Founded in 2002. Wmould provides global JIS, DIN, AISI and so on standard mould parts, special custom-built mould components and solution for global plastic mould master. We integrate manufacturing, R&D and selling of global Standard mould parts, such as Ejector Series (pins, sleeves, two-stage ejector pins etc.), Slide Core Units, Latch locks, Locating Series, Date Stamps, Slide Retainers, Cooling Series and mould counter etc.


We offer our customers a comprehensive selection of commodities and services. With more than 15 years of experiences, 6 manufacturing plants, a strong professional team in global Standard mould parts market and a deep insight into customers’ requirements, we have the competition, capability to serve you.



Our product line includes:
1.Ejector pins, ejector sleeves  2.Slide retainers  3.Latch locks,   4.Pouring gate 5. Date Stamps, Air valves 6.Hot runner 7.Cooling elements 8.Locating parts 9.Springs 10. Guide pins, guide bushes 11.  Guide stripes, Wear plate 12.Electrodes and Chucks 13.Customized standard parts 14. Non-standard components.

Ü Wmould(DATONG PRECISION) is one of top mould components manufacturer in China.

Ü Established in 2002, leading mould components industry in China.

Ü With 6 plants, about 500 employees.

Ü Obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2006.

Ü Obtained more than 30 patents and honors.

Plant 1---Songgang Shenzhen plant

Focus on high precision mould parts and customized nonstandard mould parts processing.

Plant 2---Gongming Shenzhen plant

Focus on global standard mould parts processing, such as date stamps, latch locks.

Plant 3---Jiangxi plant

Focus on global standard mould parts processing, such as slide retainers.

Plant 4---Donguan plant

Focus on global standard mould parts processing, such as ejector sleeves, ejector pins.

Plant 5---Donguan plant

Focus on global standard mould parts processing, such as interlocks.

Plant 6---Donguan plant

Focus on global standard mould parts processing, such as guide strips, wear plates.


"We Make The Best Forever!"  Is our eternal philosophy!

"Wmould", has been a Chinese most professional, most outstanding and innovative manufacturer.

Our commitment to customers is:
1.100% qualified products;
2. The product of 2D, 3D design services;
3.3-5 days sample time to complete;
4.100% delivery on the contract;
5. The best communication service attitude.


Our qualification:
2. China ALIBABA.COM Certified Trade Assurance Chinese suppliers.
(1) 100% Product quality protection.
(2) 100% On-time shipment protection.
(3) 100% Payment protection.
3. ISO 9001 certified company.


We currently service customers distribution area are:
USA   Canada  Germany   Spain  The Netherlands  Australia   New Zealand   Switzerland  Sweden  Japan   South Korea   Russia   Saudi Arabia   India   Taiwan of China   mainland of China   and other countries and regions.

Our long-term well-known clients including following:

Our official website:  www.wmould.com  www.dtplastic.com

B2B platform: https://wmould.en.alibaba.com/


Q: How can I get samples ?

A: Small quantity of samples usually is free, but we are sorry that you need to pay for the shipping cost ;

Q: How Can I send inquiry ?

A: When you click our products, and think that is right for you , you can directly send your information to us, or chat with us online, welcome .

Q: How can I order from here?

A: After we got contacted details with each other, and confirmed the samples, you can send us the specs, confirm the order, we will make and send PI for you to confirm;

Q: When arrange the producing?

A: After receiving your deposit, usually 30%, we will arrange producing.



Our Services

1.With more than 18 years experiences.

2.With 6 plants,about 300 employees.

3.Obtained more than 30 patents and honors.

4.Obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2006.

5.Reply inquiry in 24 hours.

6.Welcome OEM and ODM service.

7.Customized designs are available.

8.Professional helper in mould field.

9.Plastic dowel pins order is a acceptable to support your test market.


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