उच्च दबाव पानी पंप केन्द्रापसारक पंप गहरी अच्छी तरह से पंप

$20.00 - $6,000.00 / Piece | 1 Piece/Pieces (min. Order)
अधिकतम सिर:
402 m
अधिकतम प्रवाह दर:
हॉर्स पावर:
लीड समय::
मात्रा(Pieces) 1 - 50 51 - 200 201 - 500 >500
अनुमानित समय (दिन) 10 15 25 मोलभाव करने योग्य
Customized logo (Min. Order: 5 Pieces)
Customized packaging (Min. Order: 5 Pieces)


Graphic customization (Min. Order: 5 Pieces)
Teknologi kustomisasi (Min. Order: 5 Pieces)
Fungsi kustomisasi (Min. Order: 5 Pieces) कम
रिपोर्ट संदिग्ध गतिविधि
त्वरित विवरण
ब्रांड नाम:
मॉडल संख्या:
पनडुब्बी अच्छी तरह से पंप
उत्पत्ति के प्लेस:
Shanxi, China
उच्च दबाव
multistage पंप
मानक या अमानक:
केन्द्रापसारक पंप
आकार/व्यास (इंच):
2 '', 4'', 6 '', 7'', 8 '', 10'', 12 '', 14''
रेटेड निर्वहन/क्षमता (m3/एच):
0.1 m3/एच --- 1000 m3/एच
रेटेड सिर/दबाव (एम):
1 m --- 1000 m
रेटेड पावर (किलोवाट):
0.1 किलोवाट --- 500 किलोवाट
बिजली वोल्टेज (वी):
220 V, 380 V, 660 V
ठंडा और स्नेहन:
पानी (तेल ठंडा के लिए 4 '')
काम जगह:
गहरी अच्छी तरह से, बोरहोल
मोटर प्रकार:
आपूर्ति की क्षमता
आपूर्ति की क्षमता:
100000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
सामान पैक करने का कार्य का विवरण
Wodden बॉक्स पैक
Shanghai, Qingdao
चित्र का उदाहरण:
लीड समय: :
मात्रा(Pieces) 1 - 50 51 - 200 201 - 500 >500
अनुमानित समय (दिन) 10 15 25 मोल भाव करने के लिए
Why Choose Us

Specializing in manufacturing submersible pump products 

for 70 years

The motor and pump 
body are self produced on the 
whole line

Each product is tested by 
136 processes and 
strictly controlled by quality
Product Description


.For transporting clear water and the liquid which the physical and chemical property similar to water, and the temperature below 20℃
.For ground water supply to private houses,to waterworks and to irrigation systems
.For water pressurization
.For liquid transfer in tanks

.Flow up to 100m³/h
.Head up to 402m


.Liquid temperature up to +20℃
.Ambient temperature up to +20℃
.Continuous duty
.Maximum sand content 0.25%
.Minimum well diameter
-4" for 4SP pumps
-6" for 6SP pumps
-8" for 8SP pumps
-10'' for 10SP pumps


.Two-pole induction motor, 50HZ (n=2850rpm)
.Single phase ,220-240V
.With thermal protector incorporated into the winding
.Available with the start control box or automatic control box
.Three phase 380V/415V
.Insulation Class F
.Protection IP68

.External case
Stainless steel AISI304
.Discharge head
Stainless steel AISI304
Stainless steel AISI304
Stainless steel AISI304
.Pump shaft
Stainless steel AISI304
.Oil chamber
Copper alloy

Main Features                                                                                                   

1) Max head ranges from  20 m to 402 m . Max flow rate ranges from 2 m3/h to 100 m3/h with different size to be used in SP PUMP
2) 100% copper wire/ 304 stainless steel shaft
3) Advanced and smart controller
100% testing system for motor/complete set pump/controller, each pump will be tested good before delivery.
5)Installation is simple and convenient, free maintenance
6)Overload protector.When the temperature of the motor is too high, more than the temperature of the Overload protector to protect the water pump will automatically jump out, prevent burning machine.

Pump Checking                                                                                                 


SKYSEA PUMP -- bring happiness to our business partners.
1. SKYSEA assure each pump quality, customer won't get broken pumps .
2. What makes a family happy?
Safety, yes, and warmth. Safety, is the most attractive form of happy, the one that comes from product supplier, this is what makes customer remember SKYSEA PUMP.

SKYSEA PUMP -- bring happiness to our business partners.

Product Application

Submersible water pump for deep well is widely used for deep well, farmland irrigation, spray irrigation, urban and rural industry enterprise and drainage ect.

Packing way
plywood box, carton box etc according to the products frame
Delivery time
standard products 3 working days after got deposit

Skysea people practice the spirit of craftsmen, pursue excellence, and insist on continuous innovation and improvement. The company from raw materials into the factory, parts processing to pump assembly testing out of the factory, all use advanced testing instruments, perfect technical means, standardized operation process, to ensure that each part, each product meets the technical requirements, thus ensuring the stable performance and reliable operation of the product.

More Products

WQ sweage pump

ISG pipeline pump

Clear water booster pump

About Us

Shanxi SkySea Industry Pump Co., Ltd. owning a history over 70 years in production of electrical submersible pump ,is a manufactuer which began to develop the electeical submersible pump earliest in China.It is the vice-chairman unit of the Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Branch of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association. Shanxi Quality Credit AA Standard Enterprise is a modern enterprise specialized in manufacturing submersible pump products, which integrates product research, development, production, sales and service. It participates in the formulation of national Submersible Pump Standardsard setter.

The products designs are all adopted with the methods of CAD,CAPP,CAM, and the manufacturing
are wholly performed by robot automatic processing production line,and the best international assembly line;
our advanced quality test center for electrical submersible pump is recognized as the 
Shanxi Products Qualify Supervision and Test Station.

Stock exceeding 20000 sets.More than 200 marketing branches and more than 20 marketing transfer warehouses have been established all over the country, and we enjoy the right of self-management of import and export granted by the state. We have established many distribution subsidiaries in Southeast Asian countries and the Middle East region.


* Sample service : 

Sample ,we can supply as customer specify requires , and customer need take the EXPESS cost .after received the official order , we can give return sample fee to customer .

* Customized Service: 

1.Accept OEM                                                                                                                                                                                              2. 1 YEARS warranty from ETD                                                                                                                                                              3. Promise that produce the quality products and meet the customer requires .

* After sale service : 

1.During the warranty time can replace a new one .                                                                                                                            2. Our engineer and sales team can visit our core agent for promotion ore agent for promotion

By adopting the technique of CAD and CAPP, the company can design their products with the optimized results, achieve the aims of high efficiency and energy-saving, as well as can provide users with a guarantee for rationally using energy and reducing cost.
While producing one generation of products, don't forget develop and preserve a new generation of products. Widely participating in the technical exchanges and cooperation worldwide. Laying a solid foundation for competition with the advantages in technique, quality, cost and service constituted in R&D. Customer's satisfaction is our goal.


We will attend many exhibitions every year at home and aboard, we have establish long term cooperation relationship with lots of customers,we sincerely welcome you to visit our factory and talk with our face to face!

FAQ & Contact Us

Catherine Luo Manager

Wechat/Whatsapp: +86 18636358357
Mobile phone:+86 18636358357
Email: yanghale415(at)outlook.com
Skype:Hale Yang
Website: http://www.skysea.com.cn/en/

Shanxi SkySea Industry Pump Co.,ltd.
No.10 Xierui road, Yuncheng city, Shanxi Province

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