उच्च लाभ 35dbi 3 जी 4G Mimo पैनल एंटीना के लिए Huawei B310 B315 E5186 4G रूटर 4G LTE एंटीना

  • 1 - 49 Pieces
  • 50 - 99 Pieces
  • 100 - 999 Pieces
  • >=1000 Pieces
यूएसबी इंटरफेस की संख्या:
1 एक्स यूएसबी 2.0
मॉडल संख्या:
समर्थन समुद्र से माल ले जाना
लीड समय::
मात्रा(Pieces) 1 - 20 21 - 100 >100
अनुमानित समय (दिन) 3 7 मोलभाव करने योग्य
Customized logo (Min. Order: 1000 Pieces)
Customized packaging (Min. Order: 1000 Pieces)


Graphic customization (Min. Order: 1000 Pieces) कम
रिपोर्ट संदिग्ध गतिविधि
त्वरित विवरण
मॉडेम समारोह के साथ:
मानकों और प्रोटोकॉल:
वाई-फाई 802.11g
वाई-फाई समर्थित आवृत्ति:
WDS का समर्थन करता है:
कोई (AE存量) *********************
WPS का समर्थन करता है:
कोई (AE存量) *********************
एन्क्रिप्शन प्रकार:
उत्पाद स्थिति:
वीओआईपी, फ़ायरवॉल, qos, वीपीएन
लैन बंदरगाहों:
एफसीसी, सीई, RECH, CE
ब्रांड नाम:
external antenn
उत्पत्ति के प्लेस:
Guangdong, China
5G वाई-फाई संचरण दर:
2167 Mbps
Products Status:
Model Number:
external antenn
External Optional
50 Ohm
Cable type::
आपूर्ति की क्षमता
आपूर्ति की क्षमता:
30000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
सामान पैक करने का कार्य का विवरण
मूल पैकेज: 102 mm x 102 mm x 181 mm
OEM पैकेज
Shenzhen/Hongkong Port
चित्र का उदाहरण:
लीड समय: :
मात्रा(Pieces) 1 - 20 21 - 100 >100
अनुमानित समय (दिन) 3 7 मोल भाव करने के लिए
Products Description
Brand :
Model Number :
power strip
150 mm x 80mm x 45mm
RoHS Compliant
Low V.S.W.R. / Low Loss Design / High Gain
High Efficiency and Sensitivity
Low Loss RF Coaxial Connector Cable Feed

1) Frequency range: 791-821MHz / 832-862MHz / 1710-1785MHz / 1805-1880MHz / 2500-2570MHz / 2620-2690MHz
2) VSWR: <=2.5
3) Gain: 35dBi
4) Polarization type: Vertical
5) Radiation: Omni
6) Maximum input power: 10W
7) Input impedance: 50 ohms
8) Connector type: RP-SMA male/SMA male /TS9/CRC9/FME Female/N male
9) Sucker: 5cm (Diameter)
10) Cable type: RG174 (best) 100% cooper
11) Cable length: 2m/3m/4m
12) Size: 17.2cm x 16.4cm x 5.2cm
13) Weight: 300g
Details Images
Product packaging
Products Usage
Description of product use effect
More and more hardware now requires LAN transmission, such as Huawei's multi-screen synchronization and "touch pass", which rely on NFC chips to connect and then use wi-fi for transmission. There are also plenty of people who use cell phone screens that alsorely on wi-fi. The faster the router's transmission speed, the better the LAN transmission experience.
It can used when you are in the hotel , when you are on bussiness meeting. when you are playing games ,when you are doing outdoor activities
when you are driving
when doing the operations......
All kinds of situations whenever you need, and wherever you need !
Company Profile
Shenzhen X-Hong industrial Co.,Ltd is a trading company that manufactures goods& high quality WiFi Modem and router and antenna and disk drive, starting from 2001. The company provides the customized products and OEM service. Various new collections and design are coming out each month with the current styles and fabrics. The factory own the proficient skill and updated machine.
We are 8 years' golden seller on Alibaba, we have stock goods ,we can provide large kinds of products and we can give you fast shipping.
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1.How to Contact us ?
Wechat/whatsapp:+8616620995335. Pls feel free to contact me when u have any questions.
2.when will send the products after paid?
After paid the full money . we will send in 1-5days.
3.How to ship my goods?
4.Why Choose us?
A: We have 18 years experiences on electronics.
A: Best service, Best price and absolutely prompt shipping time.

5:What's the MOQ and leading time?
A: No MOQ for the first order, samples are welcome; for the second order, asked MOQ 50pcs.1-2 days for the sample order; for the bulk orders, the leading time will be depend on the order quantities and requirements;
We will do our best to send the products to you as soon as quickly.

6:What's the payment terms you accept?
A: We accept many payment terms: T/T, Trade Assurance, 100% T/T in advance; for small batch
orders, Western Union, Ali Assurance, PayPal, AliPay online are all accepted by us.

7:How long do you offer for after-sales services?
A: 12 months,and we do provide life time maintenance, but you bear all cost.

8:How about the shipping?
A: We do provide international Express door-to-door, Airline and Ocean transportation; your can choose the shipping way you prefer, and different shipping way have different shipping cost.

9: About trade terms? delivery time?
A: Normally T/T for large order;
Stock goods delivery time is normally 1~3 working days.

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