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We are a creative production company based in Tokyo, Japan.

Our mission is to produce anything related to the "software" side of audio and visual. 
Regarding graphic design, we have previously won the CD design and packaging awards at the French Qwartz awards 2004 (shown in the picture). We have 4 Japanese designers on board each with different tastes so we are sure to provide you with the exact style you need. Also, we our an "art" related company so we take care of each projects very carefully with much eagerness to produce something highly imaginative not to mention meeting 100% satisfactory from the clients. 
Regarding sound design division, we make songs for TV & web commercials, video games and soundtracks. Also provide background music for various apparel stores throughout Japan. We also have a record label and have the rights for about 20,000 songs for commercial usage. 
As we have just opened up our services towards Japan, and are aiming to capture clients overseas, we can manage to provide you above services at a very reasonable price so feel free to contact us for more details. We have English & Chinese speaking staffs here so language won't be a problem. 
Lastly, let us take the time to describe the concept of our company below:
We are always fascinated by the sound, colors, textures and imperfection of the great nature and at the same time, these are the fundamental elements of music and design. Our company name derives from the blessings of nature, and longings for the natural circulation. 

The joy and exploring mind for creation, mutual understanding and communication... We are hoping that our activities will deliver "happiness", "richness" and "excitement". With the "give and take" spirit that would allow us all to be happy, we are hoping that our platform will function as an intersection of people regardless of race or type of business and further spread on as a ripple across the water. 
We strongly believe using creation as a communication tool will give birth to form something new, expansion of market and rich culture. 
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