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Brazilian Virgin Cuticle Aligned hair, Names Of Human Hair

$5.88 - $70.56 / Piece | 3 Pieces (न्यून. ऑर्डर)
बढ़ाकर लंबाई:
6 inches
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8 inches
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10 inches
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sample-image , 10 inches
$10.00 /Piece, 1 Piece (min. Order): नमूने खरीदें
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5 भुगतान प्राप्त करने के बाद के दिन
Customized logo (न्यून. ऑर्डर: 50 Pieces)
Graphic customization (न्यून. ऑर्डर: 50 Pieces)


Customized packaging (न्यून. ऑर्डर: 50 Pieces) कम
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त्वरित विवरण
उत्पत्ति के प्लेस:
Henan, China
ब्रांड नाम:
मॉडल संख्या:
बाल ग्रेड:
रेमी बाल
कुंवारी बाल:
बाल एक्सटेंशन प्रकार:
बाल बुनाई
मानव बाल प्रकार:
ब्राजील के बालों
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> = 60%
Human Hair
Hair type:
contact me for wholesale price, above show is only short length hair
Cuticle Aligned Hair,No tangle no shedding
About us:
Profession production double draw hair
9A grade Unprocessed 100%Cuticle Aligned Hair
by paypal, trade insurance, west union
Hair material:
Body Wave Human Hair Extension And Closure Raw Indian Temple Hair
Grade of hair:
Names Of Human Hair
Hair Feathure:
Thick ends, healthy hair, no smell, care the hair easy
human hair style:
Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Extension

Packaging & Delivery

बिक्री की जाने वाली इकाइयां:
एकल आइटम
एकल पैकेज का आकार: 
20X5X2 सेमी
एकल सकल वज़न:
0.100 किग्रा
पैकेज का प्रकार:
टैग और लेबल अनुकूलित कर सकते हैं आप के लिए, पीवीसी बैग, या अपनी आवश्यकता के रूप में, ब्राजील कुंवारी छल्ली गठबंधन बाल, मानव बाल के नाम
लीड समय: :
मात्रा(Pieces) 1 - 200 >200
अनुमानित समय (दिन) 5 मोल भाव करने के लिए
Sharopul Hair
Product Details
Sharopul Hair
Brazilian Virgin Cuticle Aligned hair, Names Of Human Hair
Hair Texture
straight/body wave/kinky curly/deep wave/kinky straight/loose wave/ombre human hair
Hair Material
Come From One Donor, Full Cuticle Aligned,No Chemical Process, 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair 
Hair Advantages
1. Clean weft no lice, tight and neat
2. Curl holding Well after washing
3. Could be flat iron and restyle well
4. Double Weft To Ensure No Shedding
5. Could be dyed And bleached 
6.Tangle Free 
7.Hair 2 years life long 
8.Can keep the texture after washing 
9.Not mixed so much short hair
Hair Length
8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 26" 28" 30" Available On Stock
Hair Color
Natural Color, 1B Black, 1B/bug, 1B/27#, 1B/33#
Hair Net Weight
100g+/-5g per piece Cuticle Aligned Hair
Supply Ability
50000 Kg per Month
Payment Terms
Paypal,Western Union, Money Gram, T/T,  Trade insurance
DHL / FedEx/ TNT/UPS, or other carriers according to your request
Ticketings, packages ,Names Of Human Hair
Contact info.
Whatsapp:+8615994066753 / +8613462147676    instagram/ facebook/twitter/youtube:@Sharopul lee

Brazilian Virgin Cuticle Aligned hair, Names Of Human Hair

1.The Sharopul hairstyle avaliable: silk straight, body wave, natual wave, kinky curly, kinky straight, deep wave, loose wave, water wave

2.The Sharopul hair length avaliable:8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 in stock
3.The Sharopul hair color avaliable: natural color, 1B color, 1B/BUG, 1B/27#, 1B/30#
4.The Sharopul hair material: unprocessed virgin human hair, Remy virgin human hair, one donor remy virgin human hair
5.Click the above picture to send me your inquiry, promise 100% excellent service, strandard English speaking

I will tell you

1.How to select 5A, 6A,7A,8A,,,,,,,15A hair
2.What is the difference from Brazilian hair, Mongolian hair, Indian hair,,,,,,,Peruvian hair?
3.What is the truth for virgin hair, remy hair,,,,,,?
4.Excellent service online 24hours, click us to send your inquiry.
Whatsapp:+8615994066753    +8613462147676
Instagram/facebook:@sharopul lee

Products Show

1.All in kind shooting

2.Enough weight,length

3.Double tight weft, promise no shedding

4.Healthy Thick ends

5.soft and neat weft, you would like

6.No splits, no smell

Hair Material

All of our hair come from young girl donor, healthy and full nutrition. 

click me to know more about the knowledge of human hair.
Customers share
excellent service

smooth and soft,love my hair very much, Sharopul hair have excellent service, give me knowledge about human hair, Sharopul will be my vendors.

thick and soft

Every time when I ask question, you are online, dont you sleep all the day? I got the hair, thick and soft, real remy virgin hair, you are my friends, dear, will see you in China 2 months later.

real virgin human hair

Honest vendors sharopul hair, real virgin human hair, my customers like the hair, thanks sharopul

Quality Test

Brazilian Virgin Cuticle Aligned hair, Names Of Human Hair

Sharopul Virgin Human Hair 

1.double tight weft, no shedding
2.Smooth and silk, no tangle
3.Can be permed well to different style easy
4.You can wash the hair just as yourself
5.Can be bleached, dyed to color 27#, 30#, 613 well

Customer ticket

We offer OEM, just send me your logo design, we can custom-made the package and ticketing for you within 5 days.

Hair Knowledge

You can get a full head installation under the following suggestions, if your head is big size
,you should take one more bundle


Size Reference


Brazilian Virgin Cuticle Aligned hair, Names Of Human Hair

For hair tangle

As this is 100% human virgin hair, the hair is still with full cuticles aligned in the same direction. After we make the straight hair into different curl patterns, the cuticles on each strand of hair is no longer lie beside each other, it might be going up and forward, that's why sometimes you will feel it's not very easy to run your fingers through the hair, and this is simply because it has a hair style and the cuticles are stopping your fingers because from what they might react your fingers are some kind of invader. Hair can get tangled because it's too dry and gathering too much of dust and other stuff, at this time remember not to wash it with shampoo because that's gonna make it even worse. Wash it with clear warm water and deep condition it for a while, it will get better and better!

For hair Shedding

After the factory workers sew the hair pieces in to a bundle, there might be some short pieces that are not attached to the weft, so when you first comb it or wash it, it will go out. That's not shedding, comb them out and it will be fine. The wefts are double drawn machine weft to prevent possible shedding, if you have to cut the weft to adjust the hair volume for your install, pls make sure to seal the edges of the wefts so it won't shed. And never wash or comb the hair with too much strength, it is virgin hair, it needs more of your love to take care of it.

Can be curled or dyed? 

virgin hair could be dyed and iron-flat, iron flat plz don't exceed 150ºC, or the hair will be destroyed. Also the hair will come back to its natural wavy after you wash it or iron-flat. The Sharopul hair is virgin human hair, can be dyed well, if you dont have rich experience in dying hair, I suggest you can go to your hairstylist to dye the hair well.

Grey hair ? 

All virgin hair is unavoidable to have a few strands of gray hair on it because of the donor's health condition. You would never find gray hair in any of the fake hair products. If you really don't like it, just take it off the bundle, I'm sure it won't hurt you at all. Thank you for your understanding!

Brazilian Virgin Cuticle Aligned hair, Names Of Human Hair

Contact me:

Name:Apple      wechat/whatsapp:+8615994066753/ +8613462147676

facebook/instgram/youtube/twitter@sharopul lee

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