2019 Joyance नए डिजाइन स्प्रेडर गबन 20L टैंक छिड़काव तरल और granules उर्वरकों के लिए बीज गबन स्प्रेयर

  • 1-2 Unit
  • 3-9 Unit
  • >=10 Unit
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विवरण देखें
शिपिंग शुल्क:
कृपया वस्तु की मात्रा की पुष्टि करें।
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20 भुगतान प्राप्त करने के बाद के दिन
Customized logo (न्यून. ऑर्डर: 30 Unit)
रिपोर्ट संदिग्ध गतिविधि
त्वरित विवरण
साल बनाया:
उत्पत्ति के प्लेस:
Shandong, China
उत्पाद नाम:
20L धूमन कृषि स्प्रेयर ड्रोन wth जीपीएस
कीटनाशक छिड़काव
कार्बन फाइबर + विमानन एल्यूमीनियम
प्रमाण पत्र:
सीई एफसीसी ROHS
कीटनाशक टैंक:
स्प्रे अवधि:
5-7 m
छिड़काव दक्षता:
8-9 हेक्टेयर/घंटा
नियंत्रण प्रणाली:
जमीन नियंत्रण स्टेशन सॉफ्टवेयर + अर्द्ध स्वचालित नियंत्रण प्रणाली
उड़ान समय:
10-15 मिनट
छिड़काव तरल रासायनिक कीटनाशकों

Packaging & Delivery

बिक्री की जाने वाली इकाइयां:
एकल आइटम
एकल पैकेज का आकार: 
76X96X86 सेमी
एकल सकल वज़न:
80.0 किग्रा
पैकेज का प्रकार:
एल्यूमीनियम मामले के लिए 20L कृषि स्प्रेयर.
लीड समय: :
मात्रा(Unit) 1 - 10 >10
अनुमानित समय (दिन) 20 मोल भाव करने के लिए
Product Description
20L  uav drone agriculture sprayer
Pesticide Tank
Net Weight
Take-off Weight
Max Take-off Capacity
Flying Time
Flying Height
Flying Speed
Spray Speed
Spray Width/Nozzle No.
>5-7m / 2 Centrifugal  Nozzles 

Spray efficiency

Machine Size
Spread size: W1.8m x L1.6m x H0.65m
Folded size: W1.0m x L0.7m x H0.65m
JT drone features

Ready to fly 

Every drone is tested well before delivery, make sure you can fly the drone directly when you receive it. 


With a joyance sprayer drone, you can spray 40-80 hectares per day with one one person.

Nozzles under the propellers, big air pressure to spray the fog, more effective. 

Electrostatic centrifugal nozzles 

Perfect atomization effect, chemical fog droplet is 50-100um. The fog has electrostatic absorption capacity so that it can be evenly absorbed on the surface of crops and achieve better spraying effect. It can be used spray fruit trees. 

High pressure nozzles 

Droplet is 100-200 um . Italy famous brand ARAG ceramic nozzles with conical spraying way. It is suitable for spraying rice, corns, wheats etc. 

Safe protection technology 

Failsafe protection 

Low voltage alarming, no liquid hover, no signal automatically return to take off place. The voltage number will be shown on the APP all the time. 

Break point continue to spray 

The drone can return back to the break point to continue the plan after refilling liquid. 

Terrain following 

With MMA radar, the drone can keep the constant height above crops autonomously.

Spraying mode 

A-B line mode spraying 

You can mark the A point, B point, and carry out AB line mode, the drone will fly like in the photo, very easy to operate and make the spraying work not boring any more. 

Autonomous flight 

With Joyance autopilot APP, you can map the field in the app, the drone will finish spraying plan autonomously. Also take off, land, return home, flying data setting, all these will be set up in the app, you can control a drone totally convinient.  

GPS and ATT mode 

With Remote controller, you can control the drone manually by GPS mode or ATT mode. ATT mode is only for very professional pilots use. GPS mode is stable , taking off and land must be in the GPS mode for normal users. 
Our Company

Shandong Joyance Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, we have a professional R&D team, we have spent four years in researching and developing agricultural sprayer drones. We concentrate on commercial grade unmanned aerial vehicles and UAV application solutions.

We have a registered capital of 60 million RMB, with a production capacity of 100 units of agriculture drones per month.

We choose high grade key parts, to ensure stable and reliable quality, we utilize advanced production technology to ensure every drone from Joyance is well crafted!

Our mission is to make the drones that farmers desire.


We have passed CE, FCC, RoHS certifications. 

Our customers

We have exported to 43 countries.

Main Features
1.Ready to fly.Before despatch, every drone is 100% tested.
2.High efficient.They can spray 40~80 hectares per day.
3.Autonomous intelligent flight.
4.Easy to operate.Manual flight or autonomous intelligent flight.Videos and manuals are ready for you to study.
5.Easy to transport.The drones have an umbrella design folding frame so it's convenient to fold and transport.
6.Carbon fiber. Frame and propellers,light, strong and stable.
7.Easy to maintain.Small parts are easy to disassemble and cheap.
8.Aviation aluminum joint. Light and durable.
9.Fail-safe,low voltage warning. 
10.Save time,money and labor.
11.DCU.Controlling spray flow by flying speed automatically.
12.Terrain following radar.It can keep certain distance above crops.(optional)
13.FPV.It can display views in front of drones to avoid obstacles.(optional)
14.Extra batteries and charger.Realizing work continuously.(optional)

Packing & Delivery

Packaging: Aluminum case

Delivery time: 7-10 days after receiving deposit. This time is for one unit, if you want more, please contact us for the actual delivery time. 


1. Are you factory?

Yes, we are professional sprayer drone manufacturer.

2. How long it takes to learn how to operate the drone?

Usually, it takes 3-5 days. If possible, we advise you can come to our company to get FREE training about 3-5 days. If you are not convenient, we have operation manual and many opetation videos for you to learn how to use and maintain the drone.

3. What is your warranty?

Frame and flight controller: 12 months

Wearing parts: 3 months

Our service


Inquiry and consulting support.

View our factory.


Manual and videos for you to study.

Free training 3~5 days.

Good warranty service.

Online service.

Contact us

Name: Grace Sun 
Email:803 at joyancedrone.com

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