1g-500g छोटे पाउच चीनी नमक कॉफी भरने सील 1kg बैग चावल पैकेजिंग मशीन बिक्री के लिए

  • 1 - 2 Sets
  • >=3 Sets
मॉडल संख्या:
लीड समय::
मात्रा(Sets) 1 - 1 2 - 3 4 - 5 >5
अनुमानित समय (दिन) 7 25 35 मोलभाव करने योग्य
Customized logo (Min. Order: 1 Sets)
Customized packaging (Min. Order: 1 Sets)


Graphic customization (Min. Order: 1 Sets) कम
$4,700.00 /Set | 1 Set (min. Order) | नमूने खरीदें
रिपोर्ट संदिग्ध गतिविधि
त्वरित विवरण
बहु समारोह पैकेजिंग मशीन
लागू उद्योगों:
खाद्य और पेय फैक्टरी, फूड की दुकान, विनिर्माण संयंत्र, खाद्य और पेय दुकानों
के बाद वारंटी सेवा:
वीडियो तकनीकी समर्थन, ऑनलाइन समर्थन
स्थानीय सेवा स्थान:
कोई भी
शोरूम स्थान:
कोई भी
भरने, लेबलिंग, सील, अन्य
रासायनिक, कमोडिटी, खाद्य, चिकित्सा, अन्य
पैकेजिंग प्रकार:
बैग, फिल्म, पाउच, स्टैंड अप पाउच, अन्य
पैकेजिंग सामग्री:
धातु, कागज, प्लास्टिक
स्वचालित ग्रेड:
संचालित प्रकार:
उत्पत्ति के प्लेस:
Henan, China
ब्रांड नाम:
आयाम (एल * डब्ल्यू * एच):
1 साल
बिक्री के बाद सेवा प्रदान की:
क्षेत्र की स्थापना, कमीशन और प्रशिक्षण, ऑनलाइन समर्थन, वीडियो तकनीकी समर्थन
कुंजी अंक बेचना:
उच्च उत्पादकता
पैकिंग आइटम:
चावल, नमक, चीनी, सेम, दाना, अनाज, आदि
पैकिंग गति:
मशीन सामग्री:
स्टेनलेस स्टील 304/316L विकल्प के लिए
मशीन प्रकार:
कार्यक्षेत्र ग्रेन्युल पैकिंग मशीन
फिल्म रोलर सामग्री लागू:
पीई/पीपीई, फिल्टर पेपर, एल्यूमीनियम रोलर
बैग लंबाई:
मुख्य समारोह:
भरने सील पैकिंग
उच्च सटीकता
तिथि सांकेतिक शब्दों में बदलनेवाला, कन्वेयर बेल्ट, आदि
उत्पाद कीवर्ड:
1kg बैग चावल पैकेजिंग मशीन
आपूर्ति की क्षमता
आपूर्ति की क्षमता:
150 Set/Sets per Month
Packaging & Delivery
सामान पैक करने का कार्य का विवरण
लकड़ी के लिए गत्ते का डिब्बा पैकेज में स्वत: छोटे से छोटा दाना भरने पैकिंग पाउच सील मशीन है।
लीड समय: :
मात्रा(Sets) 1 - 1 2 - 3 4 - 5 >5
अनुमानित समय (दिन) 7 25 35 मोल भाव करने के लिए
Product Description

1g-500g small sachets sugar salt coffee filling sealing 1kg bag rice packaging machine for sale

   Brife Introduction



This automatic spice sachet packing machine imported PLC computer control system, 9-inch color touch screen operation, frequency control, frequency conversion, bag making, electronic scale weighing, filling, sealing, marking, automatic feeding, material automatic stop, a series of actions are automatically completed.

   Widen Application Scope

Suitable for granule food, ice candy, peanut, coffee beans, melon seeds, rice, salt, sugar, beans, seeds, monosodium glutamate, corn particles, solid materials, such as coffee powder, washing powder, etc.

 Functional Features                                                                   

1. Volumetric cups for metering, high accuracy and easy operation.

2. CPU intelligent single chip computer system for efficient running.

3. Servo motor for film drag structure, smooth film running and accurate bag cutting.

4. 9 inch touch screen, easy operation and multiple language for choice.

5. Separate PID temperature controller, suitable for various packing materials. Such as aluminium film, PE film, and composite film.

6. Articulated bag former structure, enable stable bag forming for perfect bag shape.

7. Sophisticated vertical and horizontal sealing framework achieve the consistency of bag sealing and cutting.






       Parametes of SUS 304/316L Automatic Granule Packing Machine      


Technical Parameters of Full Automatic Granule Filling Machine
Machine Model :TH-PM-G-300
Power supply0.75Kw, AC220V 50/60Hz
Machine materialcontact part:stainless steel 304
    other part:stainless steel 201
Packing speed40-60bags/min
Machine dimension75cm*110cm*193cm
Machine Weight350Kg
Film roller widthMax. 300mm
Bag sealing typeback sealing/3-side sealing for optional
Bag lengthMax. 17.5cm(adjustable)
Packing material:OPP/CPP PET/PE PET-AL/PE composite material
paper film etc.
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We can also offer powder/granule conveying, mixing, packing and sealing machines, stock bins, conveyor belts, bag sewing machine for production lines.


You can choose machine material as your demand: Carbon steel, Full stainless steel 304/316L, or Raw material contact parts are stainless steel, for option.

 Customized design as your specific requirements.

Packaging & Shipping

We are experienced in the whole packing and shipping process, and we will be responsible for any damage made during shipping and send to clients in time .

* Sufficient inner protection with different materials, including bubble bag, foam board and others.
* Qualified wooden package or carton for different products or as customer require.
* Strict packing process to ensure the safety and completeness of the goods.

Flexible and multiply shipping methods for on-time shipment:

* We have good cooperation with many internationl express companies such as DHL/ UPS/ FedEx/ TNT and other, as well as large shipping companies to provide air shipping and sea shipping.
* We can also arrange global shipment as clients' requirement. 

Company Information

Luohe Tianheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is your professional partner for the manufacturing and sale of industry mixing equipment machinery; Products sell well and distributed in domestic and international markets.

All machines reach even remote destinations in good condition, having been professionally serviced. Our qualified technicians provide installation, commissioning and training, and also provide maintenance and advice.

We producing good quality horizontal ribbon blender mixer, paddle blender mixer, vertical type mixer, automatic packing machine, automatic liquid filling machine, bucket conveyor, etc. The innovation of everything and pursuit the perfect product is our challenge: our effort not purses the innovation only, but it points the innovation to support the customer.





Well received by domestic and foreign customers, the company's product marketing net work has been widely distributed in all provinces of China and more than 60 countries and regions all over the world, such as the Indonesia, Colombia, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, France, Sri Lanka and Russia etc. Owning many domestic and foreign distributors, we have established long-term strategic cooperative relations.

Looking forward to our future cooperation and welcome to visit our compamy.

After sale service

     Warranty and after sale service:                                        

1. Warranty: 12months. Whole life time technical support service.

 (A). During warranty, if any mechanical & electrical component part malfunction, we offer the spare parts freely, but the DHL/Ocean shipping cost is on consumer’s bill;

 (B). Out of warranty, if any mechanical & electrical component part malfunction, we offer the spare parts and charge with factory price, but the DHL/Ocean shipping Cost is on consumer’s bill.

2.Technical Support & Installation

 Our engineer's door to door service is available at buyer/user's request, but we will charge the round trip air ticket cost, accomodation cost,

3.Online Service

 Within 24hours on line responding to customer's questions, include but not limited to email, tel & mobile, WhatsApp, Wechat etc.


Q: During Guarantee time, if machine broken by machine design, what should we do?
A: during guarantee time, if machine broken by machine design fault, we talk all responsible, for machine broken part free charge send to you, if after change broken part machine can not work, we would send new machine to you for exchange.
Q: Which kind documents your company can provided?
A: after ship depart from China port, we can get documents from Shipping company such as: bill or lading , insurance documents. packing list, commercial invoice. if you need, we can also apply CO, FORM F, FORM E etc.
Q: After guarantee time, if we need spare parts, can you provided it ?
A: we can provide spare part with reasonable price.
Q: Which kind of package you will use ?
A: For export , we usually use plywood box. which meet export standard.


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