100% नए कुंवारी पीपी बुना बड़ा बैग, के लिए जंबो बैग FIBC सीमेंट, चूना, नमक, लौह अयस्क, सिलिका

$3.00 - $7.00 / Piece | 500 Piece/Pieces Wholesales के बड़ा FIBC बैग/थोक बैग/जंबो बैग/कंटेनर बैग (min. Order)
रिपोर्ट संदिग्ध गतिविधि
त्वरित विवरण
भूतल हैंडलिंग:
लेपित या UNCOATED
औद्योगिक उपयोग:
जलाऊ लकड़ी/WOODBRICKS
सील और संभाल:
टोंटी शीर्ष
कस्टम आदेश:
उत्पाद नाम:
बड़ा FIBC बैग/थोक बैग/जंबो बैग/कंटेनर बैग
कच्चे सामग्री:
Sinopec Polypropylene पीपी T30S कुंवारी के लिए बड़ी FIBC बैग
90*90*200 cm या OEM सेवाओं
सफेद/काला/बेज/ब्लू/ऑरेंज बड़ा FIBC बैग/थोक बैग/जंबो बैग
सीमेंट/कार्बन ब्लैक/उर्वरक
पाउडर/ब्लॉक मेरा, अनाज, फ़ीड, कंक्रीट
2 टन बड़ा FIBC बैग/थोक बैग/जंबो बैग/कंटेनर बैग
1-4 बेल्ट चारों ओर बड़ा FIBC बैग/थोक बैग/जंबो बैग/कंटेनर बैग
ग्राहक के लोगो और डिजाइन:
स्वीकार्य बड़ा FIBC बैग/थोक बैग/जंबो बैग/कंटेनर बैग
प्रमाण पत्र:
ISO9001: 2000, बड़ा FIBC बैग/थोक बैग/जंबो बैग/कंटेनर बैग
उत्पत्ति के प्लेस:
Hebei, China
मॉडल संख्या:
ब्रांड नाम:
प्लास्टिक प्रकार:
बैग प्रकार:
जाल बैग
नमी सबूत
आपूर्ति की क्षमता
आपूर्ति की क्षमता:
5000 Ton/Tons per Year Big FIBC Bag/bulk bag/jumbo bag /Container bag factory
Packaging & Delivery
सामान पैक करने का कार्य का विवरण
बड़ा FIBC बैग/थोक बैग/जंबो बैग/कंटेनर बैग:
20 pcs/गठरी या अपनी आवश्यकताओं के अनुसार.
1x20'FCL: के बारे में 4000 pcs
1x40'GP: के बारे में 7500 pcs
1x40'HQ: के बारे में 10,000 pcs
वजन/कंटेनर: 7.5 टन प्रति 1x20'FCL, 18 टन प्रति 1x40'GP
20 pcs/गठरी, 8 गांठें/फूस, 20 फूस/20'GP
20 pcs/गठरी, 8 गांठें/फूस, 44 फूस/40'GP
20 pcs/गठरी, 8 गांठें/फूस, 62 फूस/40'HQ
Xingang Port
लीड समय: :
15-25 Days once you confirm the order of Big FIBC Bag/bulk bag/j

100% New virgin PP woven big bag , jumbo bag FIBC for cement , lime , salt , iron ore , silica

FIBC BAG is a kind of flexible container of transportation .our company’s products have favorable performance ,with the features of damp -proof, dust-proof ,radiation- resistant,firm and security ,enough intensity in structure ,convenient operation in loading and unloading ,it adapts to load and unload automatically.it can be used in packing the power of chemical ,cement ,grain ,mine ,and is the perfect commodity in storage and transportation industry



(1) The loading capacity is 0.5-2ton ,the valume is 500-2300l and the safety factor (SF)can be designed at 3:1  5:1  6:1 according to the customer need

(2) According to the content ,we divide bags into bulk bags and small bags and can be single trip or multitrip

(3) the shap of FIBC  can be round and square

(4) the lifting type can be top lift ,side lift and bottom lift


fibc bulk bag for FIBC BIG Bag


100%PP virgin or lamination fabric

Fabric weight ‹g/sq.m.›





Regular size:85*85*90cm/90*90*100cm/95*95*110cm, or customized


4-panel/U-panel/circular/Tubular/rectangular shape or customized

Top Option Filling

Top Fill Spout/Top Full Open/Top Fill Skirt/Top Conical or customized

Bottom Option Discharge

Flat Bottom/Flat Bottom/With Spout/Conical Bottom or customized


2or4 belts,cross corner loop/Double stevedore loop/side-seam loop /amcillary loops/ single stevedore strap / sleeve lift / hood lift/top loop side lift/sleeve lift with side seam loop or customized


1or2 around bags body, or customized

Safety Factor

5:1 /6:1/3:1or customized

Load capacity



White, or customized


One- four sides in multi-colors with film or non film, Bopp or PE laminated printing,Made on demand

Document pouch


Surface dealing

Anti-slip or plain


Plain/chain/chain lock with optional soft-proof or leakage proof


PE liner hot seal or sewing on the edge of bottom and top high transparent


breathable/UN/Antistatic/Food Grade/Recyclable/Moisture Proof/Conductive/Biodegradable/reinforcement/dust-proof/moisture-proof

Packing detail

About 200 pieces per pallet or under customers' requirements

10pcs/bale; 200pcs/pallet ,20pallets/20'container

10pcs/bale; 200pcs/pallet ,40pallets/40'container


Transport Packing/For packing cement, sand, mine, ore, fertilizer, chemical, potato & onion,grain sugar & salt, agriculture, construction material, powder, and so on./construction

Trade Term


Payment Term

T/T 30% of total amount deposit and 70% before delivery or against copy of B/L , L/C

Delivery time

Within 15-25 days against receipt of payment.


With 23 years Manufacturing & Export Experience, our company becomes one of the largest professional Manufacturers of FIBC Bags in Nore of China. As a joint Venture established with Malavsia.We got many Certifications, Such as ISO 9001:2000, CQC, SGS ect.


Our main products are FIBC Bags, Jumbo Bags, Bulk Bags, Industrial Cement Slings, PP/PE Woven Bags and other related bags. Our annual output is 2,000,000 bulk bags and 30,000,000 PP woven bags.


we can design and produce Jumbo Bags according to customers' detailed requests. We are especially good at U-panel Type, Baffled Bags, Over-Lock and Chain Stitch Sewing, as well as Circular Type bags and Sift-Proof seams.Our bags have been well recognized for the reliable quality and reasonable prices at home and abroad. 


1. We are the direct factory, Best quality & delivery time Control with better price offer.

2.Gold Alibaba supplier for 9 Years, over 23 year's manufacturing experience.

3. Experiences, High quality & Delivery Time control.

4. We can produce and design the bags as your demand, OEM service is Okay.

5.  Factory tested by ISO & CQC , Products passed strict quality inspection, such as SGS.


 How is the quality of your FIBC Bgas?

Our products are manufactured strictly according to national and intentional standard, and we take a test on every bag before delivered out. 

1) If products’ quality don’t accord to description as we give or the promise before you place order,     

    we promise 100% refund.

2) Customer inspection before shipping is welcome, third party inspection is no problem.

2. Could you send us Free Samples?

We could send ONE sampls for free, 2-3 days would be sent.


To provide you a good price,kindly please provide the following details: 

-size of the bag;
-usage of the bag;
-weight of the bag or gram weight per square meter;
-quantities you need;
-coated or not;
-inner bag or not;
-how is the top and the bottom;
-any requirement for the delivery time;

And we can also provide our professional suggestion if you need.


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